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Working Groups

Communications Working Group

Our Communications Working Group supports MYCJ’s public communications efforts.They run our social media accounts, update our website, write and publish press releases, work on our monthly newsletter, and publish blog posts written by our members.


New Member Support

Our New Member Support group is dedicated to onboarding and supporting our new members. This is the working group that organizes orientations! 


Climate Justice Education Working Group

Our Climate Justice Education working group was formed out of a desire to make climate justice accessible to those who are new to organizing. This space is currently working on the Climate Justice Crash Course, which seeks to show the intersectionality of climate justice to economic justice, indigenous sovereignty, racial justice, etc.


Outreach Working Group

The Outreach working group focuses on general outreach, to the numerous communities of youth who live in what is now called Maine, as well as targeted outreach for specific events.

Frozen Berries

Finance & Fundraising Working Group

The Finance and fundraising working group focuses on, fundraising, writing grants, and our budget.

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