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Maine Youth for Climate Justice has three ways groups, organizations, and individuals can engage in the coalition. Learn more about each engagement level below:


MYCJ's Core group includes 1-2 representatives from active organizations, school clubs, and local groups, in addition to a point person from each of MYCJ's working groups. Organizations, clubs, and groups involved as general members in MYCJ can choose if they want representatives in Core or not. Maine Youth for Climate Justice’s Core group currently includes youth representatives from across the state of Maine. Read more about our member affiliations and youth representatives here. 

General Membership

Any youth who has joined MYCJ’s Slack workspace is considered an MYCJ general member, even if they are part of other groups. Members are invited to monthly Statewide calls over Zoom, can be part of MYCJ working groups and active campaigns, and are updated on relevant opportunities and events over Slack and email. General members will occasionally vote over Slack or Google Forms about some of the decisions MYCJ faces. The decisions that are passed onto general members will be determined by the Core group of MYCJ members. Decisions not passed onto general members are made by Core. General members can be individuals not representing or associated with a group or can represent a group that wants to join at this level. 

Partnership Work

If you or your group would like to be involved with Core, but don’t have the capacity to participate regularly, please email us. We have a Core partnership program available for groups who aren’t able to regularly participate. This involves an MYCJ Core member being designated as a point partner to a group. They regularly check in with the group they are connected with, hears their input on MYCJ policies or decisions, and keeps MYCJ’s Core group updated on the group’s actions, events, asks, and/or needs. MYCJ will then support the group and collaborate with them in ways that aim to be non-transactional and non-tokenizing. View our current partners here.


Intergenerational Coalition Work 

MYCJ is a founding member of and works closely with the intergenerational coalition Maine Climate Action Now (MCAN). We consider MCAN and its member organizations to be MYCJ’s adult allies. MYCJ is also a member of Renew Maine, Renew New England Youth Coalition, Our Power Maine, Power Shift Network, and multiple legislative coalitions. 

Email us to learn more, join at any membership level, or support our work!

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