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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ) endorses the “Yes on 1” campaign as the CMP corridor or New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) is not the climate justice solution that it has been marketed as.



Julia St. Clair | Energy Campaigns Lead | Maine Youth for Climate Justice |


Cassie Cain | Core Member, Maine Youth for Climate Justice and Youth Engagement Coordinator, 350 Maine |

October 25, 2021 -- Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ) announces their endorsement of ‘Yes on 1’ to reject the Central Maine Power (CMP) corridor, also known as the New England Clean Energy Connect Project. MYCJ urges members and adult allies to vote Yes on referendum question 1 on November 2nd.

MYCJ has been vocal in their opposition to the corridor, writing letters to the editor for local papers, submitting letters to the Army Corps of Engineers calling for an EIS, supporting legislation to halt the project, hosting an educational webinar about the corridor and hydropower, and just this week, testifying at the DEP hearing on the corridor license for the use of public land. In alignment with this opposition to the corridor, MYCJ has officially endorsed ‘Yes on 1’.

Speaking about the CMP corridor on a webinar with Natural Resources Council of Maine, 15-year-old MYCJ member Audrey Hufnagel said: “What made me really passionate about opposing this project was learning about the destruction that hydropower causes to the lands and homes of Indigenous people. The dams aren’t even clean energy! They produce methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to the climate crisis. For all of these reasons, the CMP corridor goes against all the principles of climate justice that I believe in.” She called on adult allies to Vote Yes on 1.

MYCJ member and lead for the MYCJ Energy Campaigns team, Julia St.Clair, says that “Hydropower may be renewable energy but it is not clean energy, and CMP doesn't care about climate change or the people of Maine, they are a profit-driven corporation, they stand to make millions on this project while the rest of us lose out. Young people in this state care deeply about our future, but we believe that climate justice must be at the forefront of everything we do. The CMP corridor does not help us accomplish our goals or attain the clean energy future we imagine and deserve”

In a statement released with their endorsement of ‘Yes on 1’, MYCJ outlines their concerns with the corridor, stating “with local and just solutions on the horizon, we are hopeful for our collective future. We are calling upon our leaders, lawmakers, and adult allies to heed our concerns and take the necessary steps to stop this project and future projects like this one. Maine has great potential for local power generation and needs to transition to clean and just energy sources that benefit local communities right now. We must reframe the way we think about and understand renewable energy by assessing new projects with an equity and justice lens and thinking about long term impacts. We hope you will join us in this fight.”

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Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ) is a coalition of over 300 youth from across Maine who are fighting for bold climate action, a just transition, and a livable future. MYCJ’s goal is to create a space for youth who are concerned about the climate crisis to connect, be in community, and make change. Acknowledging that the climate crisis is rooted in systemic forms of oppression, and disproportionately impacts marginalized communities, MYCJ aims to center the voices of folks who have been historically excluded from political conversations and narratives around climate activism.

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