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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Youth activists gather in Augusta to voice their sense of urgency for a Consumer-Owned Utility in Maine Please contact: Ania Wright, m:(207) 274-9265, Augusta, ME (June 10, 2021) Today a group of Maine youth activists gathered in Augusta to call on the legislature to pass LD 1708, An Act To Create the Pine Tree Power Company, a Nonprofit Utility, To Deliver Lower Rates, Reliability and Local Control for Maine Energy Independence (sponsored by Representative Seth Berry). Youth voiced their sense of urgency for a Consumer Owned Utility in Maine seeing it as a crucial piece determining the future of our state. According to the youth, they have everything at stake and want to make their voices heard. They asked their representatives to consider their future and their need for a secure and swift transition to clean energy. Representative Nathan Carlow (District 16)... “L.D. 1708 will put ratepayers back at the decision-making table, and for the young Mainers who will live on with the decisions we make today, that is crucial....That is why I am committed to working across the aisle with my colleagues–regardless of political party– to offer a common-sense way to strengthen our grid, reduce outages, and lower rates for Maine families and businesses.” Louise Chaplin (University of Maine, Orono) ... "The investors who own our energy grid have no stake in how the climate crisis will affect Maine’s environment, economy, and future. I have a stake. You have a stake.... It’s time to take back the grid and create the future we want with a consumer-owned utility.” Cole Cochrane (Thornton Academy, Maine Youth for Climate Justice) called on legislators to commit to creating a functional and sustainable electrical grid for the future generations…. “It is about time that we are able to commit to sustainability and renewable energy for future generations…[Energy independence] will save Mainers billions, strengthen our commitment to reducing our carbon emissions, and ensure prosperity and sustainability for future generations.” Ania Wright (Maine Youth for Climate Justice, Bar Harbor)... “LD 1708 allows Maine people to decide their energy future. Hopefully, we will choose the energy future that will bring 9 billion in revenue over the next 30 years, will allow for better affordability and reliability, and that will lead to the future we need for the state of Maine.” Julia St Clair (Maine Youth for Climate Justice, South Portland) ... “The Pine Tree Power Company is critical for Maine’s clean and renewable energy future. Climate change is a defining issue of my generation and science tells us that in order to tackle the climate crisis, we need to rapidly decarbonize in the coming decade and push towards 100% renewable energy in our electrical grid ” ### Maine Climate Action NOW! (MCAN) is the adult ally coalition which supports youth organizing by honoring, amplifying and uniting their voices. Founded in 2019 MCAN is made up of climate action and youth organizations as well as affected communities across the state of Maine. Learn more at

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