Legislative Action

We are gearing up for the 2023 legislative session in the Maine Legislature! If you'd like to join our Legislative Action group, sign up here!


If you want to learn more about the legislative work we've done in the past, check out our legislature blog posts!

In past legislative sessions, we have met as a group to discuss the legislation that best meets our conception of climate justice. We have garnered support for this chosen legislation from the public and elected officials through letters to the editor as well as oral and written testimony. We have held legislation-focused learning sessions and teach-ins as well as legislative trainings so members can better understand how Maine laws are discussed and created. We have also joined coalitions with other climate advocacy groups to collaborate on supporting legislation of shared interest.

If leading or participating in these efforts appeals to you, please mark yourself down for the "legislative advocacy" group!

This year, we are hoping to additionally start an advocacy group for people to achieve climate justice goals without solely relying on legislation to create the changes climate science and social justice require.

In this group, we can meet to discuss what problems we can identify in our communities and how we can work together to solve them, filling in the gaps where government has failed. We can start to build community togetherness through in-person volunteering and outings. We can think about what a non-legislative Day of Action might look like. We might plan non-legislative teach-in sessions learning about solutions like community defense, mutual aid, and the Land Back Movement. Additionally, this group would support the many MYCJ members who have already planned and marched in protests and will engage in future forms of direct action.

If leading or participating in these efforts appeals to you, please mark yourself down for the "direct action" group!