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Take Legislative Action for the Youth Day of Action

Welcome to the 2023 Day of Action! Whether you’re able to join us at the State House on April 27th or not, you can participate in the youth climate movement by taking action via this guide. Read on to learn about the day of action this year, our demands, and to take tangible steps towards bold, equitable climate policy in our state.


History of the Day of Actions

The statewide coalition Maine Youth for Climate Justice has organized Day of Actions to advocate for climate policy in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. These have included rallies, lobbying, occupying Maine Climate Council Meetings, press conferences, and workshops. Additionally, there have been climate strikes across Maine in 2019, 2020, and 2023 organized by youth. We’ve made incredible progress through these events, and will continue the momentum this year.

Demand #1:  That legislators in this state publicly recognize that climate change is an issue that is currently happening and exacerbating existing inequalities, both globally and locally. PASS THE PINE TREE AMENDMENT!


Demand #2: That legislators listen to and lift up marginalized and youth voices in the decision-making process, especially where the future is concerned. TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY!

  • Actions that you can take: 

    • Learn about tribal sovereignty 

    • Call or email Governor Mills urging her to support the tribal sovereignty bill (LD ). 

    • Learn about the legislative process using the Maine Youth Action Legislative Guide (About the Legislature and the Legislative Process sections)

Demand #3:  Comprehensive climate education in schools. TEACH FOR THE FUTURE!

MYCJ's Legislative Team

In past legislative sessions, we have met as a group to discuss the legislation that best meets our conception of climate justice. We have garnered support for this chosen legislation from the public and elected officials through letters to the editor as well as oral and written testimony. We have held legislation-focused learning sessions and teach-ins as well as legislative trainings so members can better understand how Maine laws are discussed and created. We have also joined coalitions with other climate advocacy groups to collaborate on supporting legislation of shared interest. Reach out to if you're interested in joining the team!

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