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There are so many ways to get involved in Climate Justice in Maine!

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Take Action!

Join one of our Campaigns!

Working on our campaigns is an excellent way to learn more & get super involved with a particular topic. Climate Emergency Declarations are an ongoing project, with the guidance of the CED campaigns group, folks can initiate the process in their municipalities. The Energy Campaigns shift focus depending on the legislative session & which energy related projects are happening in the state. 

Learn more on our Campaigns page!

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MYCJ Cohorts​

Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ) is a space for youth to organize, collaborate, and find community! Our cohorts are one way that our members find community. We currently have 3 active cohorts, but members are welcome to start new cohorts at any time:


BIPOC Cohort

LGBTQ+ Cohort

Food Sovereignty Cohort

Regional Cohorts

High School Support Cohort

Visit our Cohorts page for more details on how to join a cohort!


Working Groups

Working groups within MYCJ are a place for members interested in working with folks on specific campaigns, areas of organizing, or coalition support:

Communications Working Group

New Member Support Working Group

Climate Justice Education Working Group

Outreach Working Group

Finance & Fundraising Working Group

Visit out Working Groups page for more details!

Job Opportunities with MYCJ

Visit the Job Opportunities page for more information!

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