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The LGBTQ+ Cohort is a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth in Maine interested in being updated or taking direct action for LGBTQ+ Justice. This space is also used to interact with other youth who are part of the community, and to have fun, we host occasional game nights and calls! This is a space exclusively for LGBTQ+ Youth.


Join the LGBTQ+ Cohort!

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Do you identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color)? Would you like to interact with other BIPOC-identifying members of MYCJ? If so, join us in building MYCJ's BIPOC cohort! We would like this cohort to be a safe space to connect and share experiences with other BIPOC members. Let's create a support network and have fun!


Join MYCJ's BIPOC Cohort!

The Food Sovereignty Cohort works within the food sovereignty framework. We focus on food justice & accessibility in our communities (community gardens, food councils, food pantries, etc.) as well as on food justice & labor justice legislation.


Join the Food Sovereignty Cohort & add the #food-sovereignty channel on Slack!

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Regional Cohorts provide opportunities for in-person events as well as local and regional action. We currently have 5 regional cohorts - Northern, Southern, Midcoast, Western, and Downeast.

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The High School Support Cohort serves to connect high school youth climate and environmental activists across the state, support different high school groups’ efforts to make change in their community, share ideas, and streamline support to high school students and groups.

Join the High School Support Cohort!

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The purpose of this cohort is to create a safe space for any human who identifies as woman, transgender, and nonbinary to feel invited and included in the culture of climate activism. We will support, retain, grow, train, diversify, and challenge ourselves to be heard and represented equally within our communities, work and school environments, and greater society. 

Join the Women & Gender Expansive Cohort!

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