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Energy Campaigns

This campaign group has focused on issues such as opposing the CMP Corridor, supporting the effort to replace Central Maine Power with a consumer-owned utility in Maine that would replace CMP, and opposing unsustainable infrastructure projects like fracked gas pipelines. 


We have also joined a coalition of allies to learn about offshore wind, with the goal of ensuring the decision-making process is equitable and justice focused, and centers the needs of affected communities. 

For more information, visit our Energy Justice page.


Climate Emergency Declarations

A climate emergency declaration is a resolution or a bill passed by a regulatory body (school district, municipality, college, etc.) that officially recognizes the climate crisis and sets clear goals, timelines, and funding to mitigate the effects of climate change.


Climate emergency campaigns have taken place across the state, and are an effort that anyone can undergo. Adult allies are welcome to start these campaigns and having local youth involvement is beneficial. That's why we work to support local climate emergency resolutions and campaigns, in addition to following up to ensure adherence to these climate emergency resolutions. 

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