Show Up for Wabanaki Sovereignty

We are Being Called to Action

MYCJ recognizes that tribal sovereignty must be at the heart of a successful environmental justice movement. For this reason, we prioritized supporting tribal sovereignty legislation at the State House last legislative session, as members of the Wabanaki  Alliance Legislative Coalition. Unfortunately, despite passing the State House and the Senate with overwhelming public support, the tribal sovereignty bill, LD 1626, died in the Appropriations Committee under threat of a veto from Governor Mills.


Because this state-level tribal legislation failed, U.S. Representatives are now attempting to accomplish the same goal at the federal level. HR 6707 (sponsored by Rep. Jared Golden, co-sponsored by Rep. Chellie Pingree) is legislation that would amend the 1980 Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act so that the Wabanaki tribes can benefit from future federal laws that apply to other federally recognized tribes. HR 6707 has already passed the US House of Representatives. Now the Wabanaki Alliance and other tribal allies are encouraging Sen. Collins and Sen. King to support the bill in the U.S. Senate.

The Wabanaki Alliance has created a TOOLKIT so that you can write a letter to your senators, or write a Letter to the Editor in support of HR 6706.

To support this advocacy push, Maine Youth for Climate Justice is hosting a youth letter-writing workshop on Thursday, December 15th from 6:00-7:00 PM. Youth participants will learn about the bill’s background and choose from talking points to include in our advocacy. We will write our letters as a group so we can support each other with form, content, and clarity. Finally, we will learn how to submit our letters to Maine’s senators. Whether you’re writing to an elected official for the first time or are a veteran of political advocacy, we’d love to see you there! Register for our virtual letter writing party!